At Initial Capital we focus our investments on early-stage Israeli & Brazilian startups and the entrepreneurial teams that drive them.

'Early-stage' at Initial is defined as a 'product in development' or 'early traction'. While we do not rule out 'idea-stage' opportunities, we strongly favor teams that present works in progress, as these provide us windows into the souls of the entrepreneurs, developers and designers we invest in. Following this logic, co-founders that blog, tweet and contribute to open-source projects, gain an advantage over teams that do not.

Initial prefers to invest in teams where at least one co-founder codes. A full-time designer as part of the core team implies an understanding of the critical role UX plays in modern product development; ergo, a major plus in our eyes.

At Initial we have a particular affinity for B2B plays, in particular those in the SMB space. That is not to say we do not consider the consumer space attractive and ripe for innovation. We also look favorably upon startups targeting international markets (i.e. non-US).

We do not expect startups pitching us to have thought everything through, however a clear, simple, underlying business model is considered by us as vital. We do not expect startups to flip the revenue switch on day-1, but revenue cannot be an afterthought.

Got a killer idea? A brilliant product? Think you can bring compelling value to users? All you need to do is tell us about your venture, send us an email or tweet us. It should come as no surprise that a personal introduction is your best bet though. Send us PowerPoints, Keynotes, and URLs.